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 The Ninety Six National Park Service Historic Ninety Six Star For Battle site is also the only place worldwide to house an existing earthen star fort and home to the only remaining intact Patriot military dug tunnels left from the Revolutionary War.
Use the Google Maps link to help you find the Ninety Six National Park and the Town of Ninety Six, South Carolina. Also visit for more Town info.

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January 26, 2019 -3:00 pm  Ninety Six Visitor Center- 97 Main Street, Ninety Six, SC 29666 ( next the water fountain on Hwy 34)


 Historic Flags Presentation-presented by Robert Hayes

                  Free and open to the Public

Ninety Six, a beautiful community, rich with prominent American history, founded as a trading post at crossroads from Charleston to the upcountry in the early 1700's. Trading took place between early settlers and the local Keowee and Cherokee Indians at the homestead and trading post of Robert Goudy.  Folklore has it, the name of 96 was derived as the distance between the Indian village and the post.

The area later became the site of the first American Revolution land battle south of New England  November 19th, 1779.  British forces later built the earthen Star Fort at the village of Ninety Six, now a National Park Historic Site in 1780. The longest siege of the American Revolution lasting 28 days took place between General Nathaniel Greene and Loyalist Lt. Colonel John Harris Cruger, making the Ninety Six Star Fort Battle Site the holder of two American Revolution war records.  See HISTORY page.

The Ninety Six battle site is a crucial part of the Southern Campaign tour. The first town of Ninety Six was burnt by the fleeting British in 1781. Once a part of both Edgefield and Abbeville counties, Ninety Six later became known as Cambridge. It was once again named Ninety Six and became part of Greenwood County in 1897.  Today the Town of Ninety Six is located approximately two miles north of the original town, where the crossroads of  SC Hwy 34/Hwy 246/ Hwy 248 meet in the upstate of South Carolina.

The small town has produced a large number of historical and notable figures. Home of the 1960's Beach Music band the Swinging Medallions, Major league Baseball pitcher #96 Bill Voiselle, Black League Baseball player Robert Rosel (Bobby) Williams, US House Representative Preston Brooks,  Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays- mentor to Martin Luther King Jr. just to name a few.


Who we are, and what we do....

We are a collective group of citizens who meet monthly and are interested in preserving the history and genealogy of the Ninety Six area. We research buildings, land, and family history as well as preserving artifacts. Members collect information from local cemeteries, libraries, title searches, and conduct interviews with the locals.

If you are interested in becoming a member, doing research, or submitting materials we welcome you to join us. Annual membership is only Ten Dollars ($ 10.00) a year and we are a non-profit group. We will assist you in your own research, whenever possible. Please see the contact page for further information to join. Our materials are free to the public. This allows relatives to freely research family members and links without the costs of expensive genealogy websites. If you have family information that pertains to residents, or information on a homestead, local business, or burials, please contact us and submit your family tree for your relatives.

Ninety Six information is not separated from Edgefield, Abbeville or Greenwood County history; as Ninety Six was once a part of Edgefield County and Abbeville County, before becoming part of Greenwood County in 1897. The historic Ninety Six District once covered the entire upstate of South Carolina. These factors make research difficult and time consuming. It is our mission to preserve the history of Ninety Six and provide assistance and direction to those seeking, as well as to extract and compile the Ninety Six history.

If you can not attend our meetings, held the fourth Monday of every month at the 96 visitors Center, 97 Main Street, Ninety Six, SC 29666;  you may become a member and keep up to date with our activities via a newsletter or, you may prefer to send in a monetary donation to support our cause. In either case, we hope you will see and enjoy the efforts we have put forth.

Please visit our Facebook page, at which also contains up to the minute information as well as a large collection of photos. Be sure to Like us!

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